Friday, 2 February, 2018 7:30PM
The Bridgewater Hall

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Precision, complexity, dynamics, aesthetics, interplay and endurance: this is what makes drumming so unique and makes the Japanese cult formation Kodo so unique. Over 4000 performances in 47 countries in nearly 40 years made Kodo the most famous drum ensemble in the world.

Evolution is the new program of the Kodo One Earth Tour 2018, designed by the famous Kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando, who has the status of a living legend in Japan. And again, the whole fascination of Kodo comes to the fore: the magic of rhythm and beauty mysteriously permeates the new program with all its changing energy. Athletic power mixes with poetic beauty. It is this incredible impulse of authentic Japanese drum art that touches and inspires the world. Kodo transforms the power of Japanese tradition into a timeless present.

Tickets: £34 - £29
(All ticket prices include £2.50 booking fee).

Main Entrance Doors: 5.00pm
Auditorium Doors: 7.00pm
Concert Start: 7.30pm
Interval: 8.15pm
Second Half: 8.35pm
Concert Finish: 9.30pm

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